The Certification Process

What makes SaferBoater/OSA so uniquely positioned to help you better than anyone else?

We are a US Sailing & US Powerboating accredited school, meaning we provide professional instruction at nationally recognized standards. And, we are the only one in South Carolina!

US Sailing (and it's subsidiary US Powerboating) is the National Governing Body for the sport of sailing in the United States, as designated by the U.S. Congress.


"The South Carolina coast is home to more than a 100 seasoned, USCG certified captains who are more than capable of teaching you how to operate a boat. But nobody has a hands-on training system like ours!"

So HOW do I get Certified?

Beginning with our Keelboat, Basic Cruising & Bareboat Cruising courses, we take a novice with no knowledge and turn them into a competent sailor.

Our courses begins with the basics of sailing and concludes with skippering ability and crew coordination.

Upon completion of our core sailing skills you can apply for a US Sailing IPC (International Proficiency Certificate), which is required to simplify the charter process and operate a vessel in compliance with EU & International Law.

Basically, an International Boating Driver's License to rent a boat up to 47' anywhere in the world.   It's Kind of a Big Deal!


SaferBoater offers the only on-the-water training program authorized in South Carolina to certify you with the three boater-governing authorities: NASBLA*, SCDNR* & US Powerboating.

By completing a US Powerboating Certification Course, you will meet the standards set forth in all 50 states, including those that require a Boater's Education Training Course in order to rent or purchase a boat.

  1. SCDNR's "State Boating Education Card", the boating authority for the State of South Carolina
  2. NASBLA's "Approved Boaters Education Course", which represents the recreational boating authorities of all 50 states and the U.S. territories
  3. US Powerboating's "Safe Powerboat Handling Certificate ", which is the only course approved through NASBLA in all 50 States for on-the-water training

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