Powerboating Courses

Welcome to the exciting world of boating? Our new Partner SaferBoater has just the right course for you!

Whether you are a first time boat owner , or you are interested in obtaining your International Boater Driver's License (valid in all 50 States & Internationally) , we can help!  (Links will open on Powerboating site : SaferBoater.org)

Option 1 : Casual Boating Lessons

How would you like a USCG certified Captain to teach everyone in your family how to launch, operate & dock your boat? 


Option 2 : Certification Courses - Earn your "Driver's License"

Do you like Saving Money?

By earning your certified "Boater Driver's License", you can :

  • Legally operate your powerboat in all 50 states
  • Charter powerboats internationally
  • Avoid Costly Damage, Repairs & Fines
  • and even saving money on your boater insurance!

Option 3 : The Ultimate Educational Boating Experience


Do you REALLY want to understand what it takes to be a captain on a large ship?

Join a captain as a First Mate on a multi-day boat delivery.

This is a FREE opportunity to experience what it is really like to operate a large boat, and you will gain invaluable experience driving and delivering a boat under the watchful eyes of a seasoned captain at the helm.

Highly recommended for anyone seriously considering a purchase of a 35' or longer boat.


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Based in South Carolina


Want to find out more?

We offer courses for the beginner to the experienced operator - if you have questions, we have answers...