Health Benefits of Sailing

If you were to ask any sailor why they love to sail, I’m sure their list of reasons would go on and on. Some of the greatest, yet underappreciated, things about the sport are all the health benefits it brings to your lifestyle. Sailing is an excellent way to remain active and in shape, physically and psychologically. We’ve all heard how important it is for our bodies to get enough Vitamin D exposure, for reasons that range from maintaining healthy bones and teeth to protecting us from several diseases, and there is no better way to soak up that Vitamin D than spending time outside on the water! Don’t forget to slather on plenty of SPF beforehand, though. Sailing is also a physically demanding sport, especially when you’re on a small boat, making it a terrific way to stay in shape. When you’re not flexing your core and leg muscles by hiking over the high side, you’re building upper body strength every time you sheet in and make other adjustments to your sail trim. For those of us who prefer activities more stimulating than the gym, I can’t think of a better alternative than spending a few hours on a sailboat. Beyond the physical demands of the sport, you’ll also find the constant mental stimulation beneficial to your health. Unless you’re single-handing, sailing allows for lots of social interaction and builds teamwork skills. All around, sailing is a fantastic way to help you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle!