Powerboating Courses

Certified Driver's Education for Boaters Ages 10+

Youth Safe Powerboat Handling

This program is designed for youth ages 10 - 18. It is a combination of 4 class sessions and 2 on-the-water sessions. It is designed to educate youth to operate a boat safely and build a strong foundation of skills.

Women's Boat Handling

Taught by two women, this course is designed to empower women by familiarizing them with concepts and techniques relating to on-water boat handling skills and the knowledge to confidently take the boat out by themselves, or with your family and friends.

Safe Powerboat Handling

The core of our on-the-water training program, Safe Powerboat Handling is a 16-hour, hands-on course for anyone who wants to learn how to safely operate a small powerboat and improve their boat-handling skills.

Ready to Get on the Water?

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Courses Taught by Certified US Powerboating Instructor / USCG Licensed Captains

Powerboating is the national leader in on-the-water training and education. Our hands-on courses taught by Certified Powerboat Instructors empower students with the skills and confidence they need to get more out of their boating experience, all while allowing them to become safer powerboat operators.

US Powerboating is an affiliate of US Sailing, the National Governing Body for the sport of sailing in the United States and is nationally approved by NASBLA, the National Association of Boating Administrators in all 50 states.

From basic rules of the water to advanced navigation techniques, this is Drivers Education for Boaters. We can help you learn how to get the most out of your powerboat... and make it back to shore safe and sound.

Drivers Education for Boaters™

Drivers Education for Boaters™ expressly addresses the areas of interest in the U.S. Coast Guard Strategic Plan by supporting the following objectives:

  • Safety Education Certificates
  • Raising Awareness of Safe Boating Practices
  • Increasing public participation in Advanced Boating Education
  • Supporting Life Jacket wear
  • Improving Operator Compliance
women US Powerboating Lifejacket